“Imparting an authentic faith to your family, by knowing what you believe and why you believe it, is one of the most critical needs of our time.”
Josh and Sean McDowell


Question: My videos don’t work in the Powerpoint sermon I downloaded. What’s wrong?

Answer: Microsoft requires the .wmv video files be in the exact same folder as the PowerPoint file. You must first copy both the PowerPoint Sermon file and all 3 of the video files into the same folder on your hard drive. Then launch Powerpoint from your hard drive and the videos should play correctly. If you still have problems, reinstall your Windows Media Player software as your default video player, as it’s settings sometimes become corrupted. Some helpful PowerPoint trouble-shooting tips can be found here.

Question: Why don’t the videos on the Sermon Materials page play on my Mac?

Answer: The videos are in Microsoft’s format “.wmv” for Windows Media Player. Macs can play this format in Quicktime Player if they add FlipForMac support. Visit Apple’s page to read about and download this software for your computer: FlipForMac

How can we make viewing the CD resources faster, and also share them with others?

Answer: Simply create a folder on your hard drive, e.g, on your desktop, and copy all of the contents of the CD into that folder on your hard drive. Then, always start by opening “Open_Me_First.html” inside the new folder on your hard drive.

What is the difference between a (1) Username/Password, (2) a Product Registration Code, and (3) an Unlock Code?

Answer: (1) You set up a Username and Password during registration to allow return access to the Truth Experience website for downloads and updates. (2) Your Product Registration Code is required the first time you register to verify you’ve purchased the Truth Experience product which then grants you full access to the website. (3) Your Unlock Code is provided to you once you’ve registered in order to view the full contents of the Truth Experience Leaders’ Planning Guide and Resource CD which came with your product purchase.

Question: How can I get more help?

Answer: email Support@UnshakableTruth.com or call 800-881-8008 x207

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Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell present: