“Imparting an authentic faith to your family, by knowing what you believe and why you believe it, is one of the most critical needs of our time.”
Josh and Sean McDowell


Group Leaders' Guide

“A recent study among Christians revealed that 81 percent said the essence of the Christian faith was “trying harder to follow the rules described in the Bible.” Even pastors struggle with this issue. Amazingly, 75 percent of Christian leaders were not able to define clearly the core of Christianity and the process of spiritual maturity.1 Polls and our own experience tell us that there is a lot of confusion among Christians about what the essence of Christianity actually is.”

1 Barna Research Group, Barna.org Web site article #264,

“Many Churchgoers and Faith Leaders Struggle to Define Spiritual Maturity” (Ventura, CA: The Barna Research Group, Ltd., 2008), 1, 3.

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Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell present:

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