Support and Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I tried to download the free videos and/or promotional materials, and was sent to buy a “product” on Relationship Press that cost $0.00. Can this be correct?
Answer: Yes, RelationshipPress will provide you the link to the downloadable videos and promotional materials after you register and place your order, even though the cost is $0.00.

Question: Do I have to register at RelationshipPress to get the free videos and/or promotional material?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Why do I have to Bookmark the Video Menu, Promotional page, and Sermons page?
Answer: These pages are only intended to be available to users who’ve registered for UnshakableTruth through RelationshipPress. There are NO direct links to these important pages on the rest of the UnshakableTruth website, so you’ll need to bookmark them in order to get back to them. Their links will also be emailed to you.

Question: Who is RelationshipPress?
Answer: Josh McDowell Ministries has partnered with RelationshipPress and Harvest House Publishing to provide key resources in support of the Unshakable Truth book. 

Question: My videos don’t work in the PowerPoint sermon I downloaded. What’s wrong?
Answer: Microsoft requires the .wmv video files be in the exact same folder as the PowerPoint file. We provide them for download as a single compressed .ZIP file. You must first”Unzip” them into the same folder on your hard drive before the videos will play correctly from PowerPoint.

Question: How can I get more help?

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