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The Unshakable Truth DVD Experience
Josh and Sean draw on their father-son legacy of faith to supplement your interactive/experiential group sessions.Product_UTV.html
The Unshakable Truth Book - Hardcover
This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide unpackages 12 key truths that define what Christianity is and how it is relevant to life.  Packed with practical examples and real-life stories.  Product_UT.html
The Unshakable Truth Study Guide
Each group participant must have this 12-session interactive/experiential guide.  The interactive questions, Truth Encounter exercises and Truth Talk assignments make this course a faith-filled experience.  Provides for twelve 1-hour sessions.Product_UT-studyguide.html





The Unshakable Truth
Small Group Resource Collection
Contents: 1 Hardcover book; 4 copies of Study Guide; Program Guide with Passcode to web-based 12-session DVD’s and promo materialProduct_KIT-UT-SM-GRP.html


The Unshakable Truth 
Church Resource Collection
Truth Walk Begins
Contents: 1 Hardcover book; 2 copies of Study Guide; 1 set of UT DVD Experience in high res.; Planning/marketing...Product_KIT-UT-CHRES-DVD.html